SMART LIFE. | Get your own home delivery system and reach the customer without any third-party
 Get your own home delivery system and reach the customer without any third-party

Get your own home delivery system and reach the customer without any third-party

Get your own home delivery system and reach the customer without any third-party

If you have a restaurant or a retail store, you make the best efforts to reach maximum customers and the best way to do it is to start home delivery. To induct and maintain this particular service is easier said than done and that’s why we associate with giant food and retail aggregators who bridge the gap between you and your customers. But when they do that, they take a big chunk of your profit and your small brand does not any recognition for making the product available, it is the third-party that delivered the product to the customer that takes all the credits. 

And that’s why Smart Life has come up with a home delivery system which enables every small or medium-sized business to start its own delivery management without getting dependent on or sharing the profit with a third party. With the help of this system, you can make your business self-dependent and gain recognition among the customers. You will no longer rely on the big companies for selling the products and to make profits. Your customer will reach you directly and this will enhance the prospects of ceaseless growth for your enterprise.

This smart home delivery system comes with cutting-edge features and tools that make the delivery management more effective and easier than ever:

Admin Dashboard: With a perfect dashboard, you can ensure that the management of all deliveries is seamless. You will be able to schedule the deliveries and triage them depending on their distance of the recipients’ address and the nature of product. 

Order Book: With an elaborate order book, you will be able to manage the orders very easily. You will also be able bring more precautionary measures that could render your service more friendly and effective for the customers.

POS Integrated: That’s right, you will be able to take orders directly from this system and schedule the delivery simultaneously. You won’t have to process the delivery separately, if the customer orders for it, the system will detect it and delivery will be catalogued. 

ERP & CRM: This delivery system is designed to handle the overall operations, therefore, it comes with all the necessary functions that you require to tackle a large number of customers. With the integration of ERP and CRM, your business gets one-step ahead in every process.

With these features, this home delivery system will give you an upper hand and manifest your brand as a go-to option for every target customer. You business will get the due recognition and it would serve the customers better in every segment of service. Using this system, all the following businesses will be able to get benefits:

Groceries: If you own a small grocery shop, you wish that every customer in your locality orders from you but that does not happen unless you associate with the giant aggregators who keep things their way and ultimately cause you losses. With this system, you can reach your local customers sans associating with a profit-guzzling delivery service.

Drug Stores: A large number of people now prefer to order their medicines online and get them delivered at their doorstep. If you own a drugstore and want to reach the customer, you will again have to acquiesce with the unprofitable terms and conditions of the aggregators, therefore, it is best to start your own delivery service with this system.

Specialty Store: If you have a specialty store that deals with tools, electronics, cosmetics or anything else, you want your name to be known and this could be achieved with an independent delivery system. 

Eatery: Whether it is small café at the corner of a street, a bakery, confectionary store, or a small deli, if you want to expand your reach to customers, you have to start delivery and you will be able to make maximum profits only when you do it on your own sans associating with a third party.

Smart Life gives ingenious solutions to your business and this particular software will surely exceed your expectations. With this solution, you establish your brand and get recognition among your customers, you can achieve heights of success effortlessly and affordably.